Chers, très chers Orange et Canal+

Je viens de vivre, une fois de plus une expérience d’utilisateur exécrable sur des services que je paye pourtant relativement cher.

The Rust is in there

This is not a rust file, Mulder.

This is not a rust file, Mulder.

Ok, I’m done. Promise.

Awkward Zone

four wrenches

Rust, BigData and my laptop

I have been toying and working with BigData tools for years. Data preparation, index building, logs processing, Wikipedia graph analysis… Not necessarily huge datasets, but often in the “awkward zone”, where a scripting language show its limits, but firing up a 20-node cluster does not feel right.

Playing with Rust part 3

Part 3! Trying a few other modern (or not so modern) languages.

Netflix arrive

Ce matin, j’ai souscrit un abonnement Netflix.